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What is Bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol is a plant-based ingredient that has been proven to provide a similar effect as retinol but without irritation.
What is Bakuchiol?

If you come to read this article, it’s almost unquestionable you’re deep in a search for an alternative to retinol. Let me pretend to be a fortune-teller! You are a beautiful person who has already tried products with vitamin A and got unpleasant side effects. Your skin barely tolerated the powerful ingredient and eventually developed a cracking, red mess. Another possibility is that none of the above has happened, and you are just a true skin care fan who wants to dig deep into the subject. Ok, no matter what brought you here, let’s get started!

What is Bakuchiol?

Buh-COO-chee-ol is an extract obtained from the seeds and leaves of the babchi plant, as well as other plants with no less pretty names. Bakuchiol has brought many health benefits to Indian and Chinese medicine. This ingredient has helped to treat a lot of different diseases, from osteoporosis to cancer. Isn’t it powerful?

In 2007, bakuchiol appeared in the market as a topical application for the first time. This ingredient has successfully demonstrated its antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-aging properties. It boosts cell turnover, helping our skin get rid of dead cells and making room for new cells. This replacement process makes the skin look smoother and healthier.

What Do Experts Think About Bakuchiol?

So far, some of them are impressed, while others are doubted. In 2014, a study from the International Journal of Cosmetic Science confirmed that there is a great similarity between bakuchiol and retinol effects on the gene expression profile. Thus, they provide the same anti-aging benefits. Another recent research from the British Journal of Dermatology found that bakuchiol provides a similar skin-improving effect as vitamin A but has better skin tolerance.

However, there is still room for uncertainty. Many natural ingredients contain certain fragrances and essential oils that can cause allergies among sensitive individuals. Bakuchiol, as a plant-based ingredient, falls into this category. Still, it is not applied to all individuals with sensitive skin. Some people could be more susceptible to allergens while others are less or not at all. Plus, it is important to note synthetic ingredients could also cause allergies. You should be careful all the time!

I Want to Try Bakuchiol. Where to Begin?

Is Bakuchiol Better Than Retinol?

Adding bakuchiol to your skincare routine is simple! Before starting to use it on your face, do a patch test. Apply a small amount of the product to your wrist and leave for 24 hours to assess your reaction. As you remember, bakuchiol is a natural ingredient and can cause skin allergies. If everything is alright, you can apply bakuchiol once or twice a day.

Serum with bakuchiol is used after cleansing and toning. If it’s a moisturizer with bakuchiol, apply it right after the serum (for example, serum with vitamin C or E). Also, you can find oil with bakuchiol that is best to mix with your favorite moisturizer and use as stated above. It may take up to 12 weeks to see its full effect. Remember, consult with your doctor before using bakuchiol products if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Best Bakuchiol Products

This California-based serum is a real holy grail for those who have extremely sensitive and dry skin. It contains only five simple plant-based ingredients – squalane, bakuchiol, rosehip oil, vitamin C, and vitamin E – which work like the best team ever. Together they remove dead cells, nourish the skin, boost collagen production, and create a protective barrier. The formula is pretty strong; thus, you need to use a couple of drops to cover the whole face.

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First things first, Admire My Skin 15% Bakuchiol Serum is made in an FDA-certified lab in the United States. The list of ingredients for this product speaks for itself. The serum indeed contains a good amount of bakuchiol that reduces the appearance of fine lines and improves skin texture. Besides, it is rich in antioxidants like organic aloe and turmeric, which can protect the skin from environmental stressors. Fragrance- and paraben-free. We recommend this product to people with normal, combination, or oily skin type.

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