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My Lip Flip Before and After: Insights from an Injector

Being an expert in aesthetics, I found myself eager to experience the lip flip trend firsthand. Curious about how it went? Take a look at my transformation and the before-and-after pics!
My Lip Flip Before and After: Insights from an Injector

Have you ever come across the term "lip flip"? It's a procedure designed for anyone seeking a subtle boost in their lip size. Rather than opting for fillers that add bulk, the lip flip aims to give the illusion of fuller lips.

So, how does it work? A healthcare practitioner administers tiny injections (yes, those famous ones begin with "B" and end with "X") that relax the muscles around the upper lip. This technique gently flips the upper lip outward, offering a naturally plumper look without adding any actual volume.

As an aesthetic injector who is always up for exploring, I thought, "Why not test it on myself?" So, that's exactly what I did, and here’s a brief look at my experience, the transformative lip flip before and after, and my reflections on the process.

A Little About my Lips

Chasing after the so-called "ideal" lips has never really been my thing. What's considered "ideal" seems to change faster than the seasons anyway. Right now, everyone's all about that full-lip look, but who's to say the preference for thin, elegant lips won't make a swift return?

Here's the deal with my lips: they're completely natural, as you'll spot in the "Before" picture (see below), showcasing their genuine lines and form. The lower lip? It's got a bit of plumpness to it. But the upper lip presents its own little twist—an asymmetry with a noticeable "gull wing" silhouette. This essentially means the cupid's bow is quite pronounced, creating a visual reminiscent of, well, gull wings.

To me, there's something special about their distinct shape. However, the chance to explore the world of cosmetic enhancements, especially with something as non-permanent as the procedure known by "B" and ending with "X", really caught my attention. So, off I went, embarking on a quest to find an expert injector and take the plunge myself.

My Lip Flip Before and After

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