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Lip Filler Swelling Timeline: What to Expect and Aftercare

Swelling post-lip fillers? Common for seven days. Discover effective techniques to minimize its duration and see the role of antihistamines.
Lip Filler Swelling Timeline: What to Expect and Aftercare

Thinking about lip fillers for that fuller lip look? They're FDA-approved and generally safe with a qualified provider. Swelling after the procedure is a standard occurrence - your body's response to the filler. Don't worry, I've got you covered. Scroll down for a detailed 'lip filler swelling timeline' to know what to expect and how to speed up the recovery.

Why Do Lip Fillers Cause Swelling?

After getting lip fillers, some initial puffiness is expected and completely natural. This swelling happens mainly because the injection process slightly disturbs the lip's delicate tissues, prompting a healing response. As a result, regenerative agents flood the area, do their work, and then dissipate, leaving your lips back to normal. Additionally, the swell is partly due to hyaluronic acid, which is known for attracting and retaining moisture. While our skin naturally contains this substance, the increased concentration from fillers temporarily amplifies swelling.

Swelling can be a sign of injector error too. An injector who's not quite skilled might overfill your lips, leaving them looking unnaturally swollen, almost like a bee sting. Or worse, the filler could migrate outside your lip line, giving a 'mustache' appearance. Many assume this swelling will fade quickly, but the reality is the filler can remain for 6-12 months. Also, forgetting to inform your injector about any filler intolerance can trigger a reaction, as histamine released in your body can increase blood flow and swelling.

Swelling From Timeline of Monophasic Filler

Monophasic fillers, commonly used for enhancing lip volume, contain a consistent mix of both high- and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid. If you opt for this type of filler, be prepared for some swelling that begins the night of the procedure and reaches its maximum by the third day.

Right After Treatment

Take a look in the mirror immediately following your lip procedure, and you'll see beautifully soft and full lips. You might even find yourself saying, 'Bravo, doc, this is exactly what I was hoping for.' Initially, your lips will look amazing, and that's a good indication of how they'll settle after the healing process.

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