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Skin Care Mistakes Every Dermatologist Wish You’d Break

Even with top cosmetic treatments, skin challenges can arise from silent skincare missteps undermining your efforts.
Skin Care Mistakes Every Dermatologist Wish You’d Break

You may still have issues with your skin even if you use the most effective products and get the latest cosmetic treatments. In most cases, the main issue is related to skin care mistakes that silently ruin all the efforts. Keep reading to find out what you are possibly doing wrong.

#1 You Wash Your Face Too Often

Over-cleansing is the most common skincare mistake. It can dry out the skin and make the oil glands overcompensate by producing more sebum. As a result, the skin may get greasy and dehydrated. Wash your face no more than two times a day. In the morning, you remove bacteria that build up when you sleep. And, of course, at night, you wash off dirt, excess oil, and any trace of makeup.

#2 You Don’t Wipe Your Phone Regularly

Buckle Up. Upcoming information is yucky! We, all without exception, are obsessed with our smartphones and carry them everywhere. Some of us even take the phone to the bathroom, contaminating it with germs like salmonella, E. Coli, and C. Difficile. Ok, maybe you are not someone who talks on the phone in the bathroom, but your device still picks up germs everywhere. Ouch! During a phone call, the germs transferred from the device can result in severe breakouts. How to prevent this? It’s simple. Sanitize your cell phone daily and use headphones to reduce contact with your face.

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