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How to Prevent Maskne for Nurses?

Maskne is acne caused by wearing a face mask, especially common in the medical field. Get expert tips on how to prevent maskne for nurses.
How to Prevent Maskne for Nurses?

Maskne is a new form of acne caused by wearing a face mask that is especially common in the medical field among nurses. Generally, it is not a big deal and can be fixed with over-the-counter products. Our team created a list of the most effective products with detailed instructions on how to use them. Scroll down to learn more about how to prevent maskne for nurses.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the best maskne treatments for oily and combination skin. It peels away dead cells, removes excess sebum, and kills P. acnes bacteria. If you’re new to benzoyl peroxide, start using it once a day, and after about a week, you can progress your treatment. Be aware that this medication can make you sunburn more easily. So don’t skip your sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) when you are outdoors. For those who still think that all sunscreens clog the pores and look cakey, we have an article to help you find the right product – “Best Tinted Mineral Sunscreen for Acne-Prone Skin.” Benzoyl peroxide can’t eliminate comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) because they don’t react to it. Besides, this ingredient is not recommended to be combined with alcohol-based products. Together they can be too harsh for the skin.

Proactive Repair Acne Treatment is a costly but effective skin product for mild to moderate acne. It is non-comedogenic and has a wonderful fresh scent. 2.5% microcrystal benzoyl peroxide penetrates deeply into pores, clearing breakouts and preventing future blemishes. The formula also contains hydrating agents like allantoin and pro-vitamin B5. They nicely moisturize the skin by attracting water and then holding onto it. As said before, this product is great, but you must remember Proactive Repair Acne Treatment takes a couple of days to start working and up to a few months to adapt to your skin fully.

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Salicylic Acid

Another example of the best maskne treatment is well-known salicylic acid, one of the types of beta-hydroxy acid (aka BHA). In the world of exfoliants, it works by controlling sebum production and dissolving dead cells. Also, this ingredient is oil-soluble and can easily unplug blocked pores. Compared to benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid can’t kill acne-causing bacteria, but it does an excellent job treating whiteheads and blackheads. So, you better know what type of pimples you’re dealing with. All in all, this treatment suits oily, combination, and even sensitive skin. You should start with a once-daily regimen to check your reaction and adapt the skin to the product. After about a week, switch to two-time use. The result won't be quick since this is not a magic pill. It may take up to a week to start noticing any improvements.

PCA SKIN Acne Gel is a gentle and effective treatment with many positive reviews. It contains a perfect combo of anti-acne ingredients – salicylic and azelaic acids- that complement one another. Salicylic acid mainly works on comedones by reducing oil production and mimicking natural exfoliation, whereas azelaic acid kills bacteria that cause acne. The formula also contains a medicinal plant – ginger – which has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It flushes out toxins and encourages blood circulation, resulting in healthy and nourished cells.

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Compared to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, sulfur is a mild acne medication generally suitable for most skin types. It has natural antibacterial properties to eradicate acne-causing bacteria and prevent new pathogens from growing. Besides, sulfur is keratolytic. It softens and sheds the dry outer layer of the skin, resulting in a faster skin cell turnover. Although, nothing is perfect, and sulfur has a negative nuance. Whereas pure sulfur does not have a scent, its compounds do. In some over-the-counter products, sulfur may have an unpleasant scent, like rotten eggs. While some of you will be okay with that, others can’t tolerate it. So, don’t say you haven’t been warned. This maskne treatment works well, but you should be patient and watch your skin for any changes.

Peter Thomas Roth Acne Treatment Mask can do wonders for your skin because of the perfect formula. It contains maximum-strength sulfur, kaolin, and bentonite. Together they dry out excess oil and clear up clogged pores, preventing breakouts. Don’t be afraid to overdry your skin because the manufacturer added aloe Vera, one of the most hydrating ingredients. This goodie is moisturizing, calming, antibacterial, and can reduce acne-causing bacteria. Peter Thomas Roth’s mask lasts long. We recommend that you start with a weekly regimen to check your reaction. If everything goes right and you don’t develop redness and irritation, you can advance your treatment and use the mask twice and sometimes three times a week.

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Our list of the best maskne treatments wouldn’t be complete without niacinamide. Although it is not a first-line therapy for acne, which is unfair, niacinamide does its job well. This ingredient strengthens the skin barrier, regulates sebum production, and reduces redness. Niacinamide can treat severe breakouts, such as papules and pustules. It works slowly but steadily with long-lasting results. In addition, niacinamide doesn’t irritate the skin and can even be paired with salicylic acid.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Serum is just a superstar. If you look at the list of ingredients of this product, niacinamide goes right after water, which means there is a fair amount of it. The manufacturer also added zinc to the formula, which can form a barrier on top of the skin, protecting against irritants. It also reduces inflammation and fights acne-causing bacteria. The Ordinary serum is definitely a brilliant skincare product. It is lightweight and has no scent. We promise you will be amazed at how smooth your skin will become after applying a few drops of this serum.

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The product with hydrocortisone is not a typical maskne remedy. It seems like we put it here just by mistake, but hydrocortisone can be helpful in some cases. This ingredient reduces inflammation and helps your skin heal faster. We recommend using it in combination with benzoyl peroxide when you have nodular or cystic acne. Together they speed up the process of regeneration.

CeraVe Hydrocortisone Cream will be suitable for those who decide to use benzoyl peroxide for maskne treatment. It will also go best on inflamed, dry skin with red pimples. The formula contains valuable ingredients like essential ceramides, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and even our lovely niacinamide. They all work as a real team to reduce inflammation, hydrate the skin, and restore the barrier. Before using it, you should do a patch test to avoid a potential allergic reaction. Place small amounts of the product on the inner arm and leave it for 24 hours. After that, check the reaction. If there is no redness or irritation, use the cream on the inflamed spots up to two times a day.

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